Refill Box - 4 Bristle heads


  • Type: General, sensitive(tapered end) and charcoal
  • Includes: 1 general type bristle, 1 handle, 1 stand & 1 silicon Cap
  • Ships to United States Only
  • Standard shipping: 2~4 days
  • Free shipping for orders over $30
  • 30 days quality guarantee

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No Screw. Just Plug-in & Pull-out.


No Bisphenol A. Made with ABS Plastic.

30 Days

No Argues. We'll Just Change It.


Most Beautiful Toothbrush Ever Designed

First thing to start off the day fresh and the last thing to end the day clean is brushing teeth. Epiqual a beautifully designed toothbrush aims to change perception of conventional toothbrush from a commodity product to a well-design and meaningful object. A simple moment of brushing teeth emerges as a functional experience, and the desirable object enhances home decor for consumers who value good design. Industrial designers of EPIQUAL who believed in the power of design and shared passion for developing design-centered products to revitalize contemporary lifestyle.


Form Follows "Feeling"

Minimal and elegant design of Epiqual comes from holistic approach to the design. A stable, soft volumic lower body joins slick, light upper body with a twist giving a visual balance of 21st century modern elegance. In addition, the twisted handle and horizontal grip are ergonomics best suitable for brushing as highly recommended by dentists. Lower body function as both a stand for use at home and a cap for travel.


Design Details for Hygiene

Details like stripe form ventilation enables dry brush head, and the bottom coaster made of soft silicon easily detaches for cleaning and prevents slipping. Entire toothbrush body is additionally processed and covered with natural mineral for anti-bacterial protection.


Choose Your Favorite

Available; White, Gray, Pink, Mint, Navy & Black


Customized to Different
Oral Condition

Epiqual reinvents a regular toothbrush while sustaining its functionality, improving design and ultimately offering comprehensive experience for use of the product for everyday dental care at home or during travel. Epiqual toothbrush heads are replaceable, and users can choose among three types of brush heads depending on brushing methods and dental condition. To avoid trip for purchase and to offer convenience in timely manner, replaceable heads are delivered to home through online order.

Available; General, Sensitive & Charcoal Type


Packaging with Practicality and Aesthetics

Epiqual believed in beautiful packaging add value to holistic approach to the product as designed object for lifestyle and also suitable for gift for others. And in 2016, Epiqual packaging design received a bronze PENTAWARDS 2016 for Body/Body Care.


Hands On Video

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